Red Sparrow


Red Sparrow

Ballerina Dominika Egorova is recruited to 'Sparrow School,' a Russian intelligence service where she is forced to use her body as a weapon. Her first mission, targeting a C.I.A. agent, threatens to unravel the security of both nations.

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Morning, Mama.
What is it?
I have to go away for a while.

I was told to take a man to a hotel.
They said that he was an enemy of the state.

Take off your dress.

And that in exchange, my mother will get the doctor she needed.
Instead they cut his throat.
There could be no witnesses.
So, they gave me a choice.
Die, or become a Sparrow.

From this day forward, you will become Sparrows.
Weapons in a global struggle for power.
You will be trained in psychological manipulation.
You must learn to push yourself beyond all limitations.
Take off your clothes.

When we are finished with you,
the person you were will no longer exists.
Every human being is a puzzle of need.
You must become the missing piece,
and they will tell you anything.

You have a gift. You know how to survive.
This is what you are meant to do.

There is a traitor in the government.
His last known contact is an American.
Get close to him.

I thought I saw you in the pool yesterday.
Are we going to become friends?
Is that what you want?

She’s a Sparrow.
You only matter because of what you could do for them.

Work with me and make these men pay.

You are better at this than any others.
Your only problem is you have a soul.

We can’t trust a word that comes out of her mouth.
There’s something else that we’re not seeing.

If she’s compromised, she will be eliminated.

What have you done?

You belong to them.
They’ll never let you go.
I’ll find a way.


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  • ballerina: балетанд бүжиглэдэг эмэгтэй
  • recruited: Ажилд орох - хэн нэгнийг элсүүлэхийн тулд
  • C.I.A.: Тагнуулын төв байгууллага
  • unravel: Нуугаагүй - салах
  • state: төр засаг
  • witnesses: гэрч нар - ямар нэгэн юм тохиолдсоныг харсан хүмүүс
  • global: дэлхийн - бүхэл дэлхий
  • struggle: тэмцэл
  • psychological: сэтгэл зүй - оюун ухаан
  • manipulation: заль мэх - бусдыг бодох, хийхэд хүргэдэг
  • puzzle: эндүүрэл - олон зүйлийг хийх боломжтой
  • traitor: урван тэрслэгч - засгийн газар өөр засгийн газрын төлөө ажилладаг
  • compromised: эвдэгдсэн - илрүүлсэн
  • eliminated: устгасан - амь насаа алдсан


  • ballerina: балерина - балетте билеген әйел
  • recruited: жалдағаны - біреуді біріктіру үшін
  • C.I.A.: Орталық барлау агенттігі
  • unravel: ажырату - ажырасу
  • state: мемлекеттік басқару
  • witnesses: куәгерлер - бірдеңе болған адамдар
  • global: ғаламдық - бүкіл әлем
  • struggle: күрес
  • psychological: психологиялық - ақыл
  • manipulation: манипуляция - өзгелерді ойлануға немесе істеуге мәжбүрлейді
  • puzzle: басқатырғыштар - көптеген нәрселер жасау үшін
  • traitor: сатқын - басқа үкіметке өз үкіметтеріне қарсы жұмыс істейді
  • compromised: бұзылған - табылды
  • eliminated: жойылған - өлтірілген


  • ballerina: บัลเล่ต์ - หญิงที่เต้นรำในบัลเล่ต์
  • recruited: คัดเลือกแล้ว - เพื่อให้ผู้อื่นเข้าร่วม
  • C.I.A.: สำนักข่าวกรองกลาง
  • unravel: คลี่คลาย - แยกออก
  • state: หน่วยงานภาครัฐ
  • witnesses: พยาน - คนที่เห็นบางสิ่งเกิดขึ้น
  • global: ทั่วโลก
  • struggle: ต่อสู้
  • psychological: จิตวิทยา - จิตใจ
  • manipulation: การจัดการ - ทำให้คนอื่นคิดหรือทำสิ่งต่างๆ
  • puzzle: ปริศนา - หลายชิ้นเพื่อทำอะไร
  • traitor: ทรยศ - ทำงานกับรัฐบาลของตัวเองสำหรับรัฐบาลอื่น
  • compromised: ประนีประนอม - ค้นพบ
  • eliminated: กำจัด - ฆ่า


  • ballerina: बेलारिना - महिला जो बैले मा नृत्य गर्दछ
  • recruited: भर्ना - कसैलाई भेट्न को लागी
  • C.I.A.: केन्द्रीय खुफिया एजेन्सी
  • unravel: अप्राकृतिक - अलग गर्न
  • state: राज्य - सरकार
  • witnesses: साक्षीहरू - जसले केही कुरा देखाए
  • global: ग्लोबल - सम्पूर्ण संसार
  • struggle: संघर्ष गर्नुहोस्
  • psychological: मनोवैज्ञानिक - दिमाग
  • manipulation: हेरफेर - अरूले सोच्नु वा काम गर्नका कारण
  • puzzle: पहेली - केहि बनाउन को लागि धेरै टुकडे
  • traitor: गुप्तचर - आफ्नो सरकारको विरुद्ध अर्को सरकारको लागि काम गर्दछ
  • compromised: सम्झौता - पत्ता लाग्यो
  • eliminated: सफा गरियो - मारियो