Even though his family hasn't allowed music for generations, Miguel dreams of becoming an famous musician like Ernesto de la Cruz. Desperate to show his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead. Along the way, he meets nice joker Hector, and together, they go on an journey to unlock the real story of Miguel's family history.

(Movie) Trailer English

Once every year our ancestors come back to our world...

Please have a safe journey. see family and friends.

But no living person has ever visited their world, until now!

Alright, who's in there?


Oh! What's going on?

Dante! Wait up! You've got to stay with me boy. You don't know where we are.

I'm just dreaming...

Do you mind?

Miguel, what is going on?

Remind me how I know you?

They're you family.

We have to get you back home!

Welcome. Anything to declare?

As a matter of fact, yes!


  • generation: all the people who were born at about the same time
  • desperate: feeling or showing that you have little hope and are ready to do anything without worrying about danger to yourself or others
  • stunning: very, very attractive or impressive
  • ancestors: people in your family who lived a long time ago
  • journey: travelling from one place to another, especially when they are far apart
  • Do you mind?: used to show that you are annoyed about something that somebody has just said or done
  • Anything to declare?: to make known (goods on which duty must be paid, income on which tax should be paid etc).
  • as a matter of fact: used in speaking to emphasize a fact or a comment, or that something is really true

  • generation: үе үе
  • desperate: цөхрөлтэй
  • stunning: гайхалтай
  • ancestors: өвөг дээдэс
  • journey: аялал
  • Do you mind?: Та санаж байна уу?
  • Anything to declare?: Зарлах гэж байна уу?
  • As a matter of fact: үнэн хэрэгтээ


  • generation: поколение
  • desperate: отчаянный
  • stunning: оглушающий
  • ancestors: предок
  • journey: поездка
  • Do you mind?: Вы не возражаете?
  • Anything to declare?: Что-нибудь объявить?
  • As a matter of fact: Собственно говоря


  • generation: ұрпақ
  • desperate: үмітсіз
  • stunning: керемет
  • ancestors: ата-бабаларымыз
  • journey: сапар: саяхат
  • Do you mind?: Сіз ойлайсыз ба?
  • Anything to declare?: Хабарлау керек нәрсе?
  • As a matter of fact: Шын мәнінде


  • generation: รุ่น
  • desperate: หมดหวัง
  • stunning: ที่สวยงาม
  • ancestors: บรรพบุรุษ
  • journey: การเดินทาง
  • Do you mind?: คุณจะรังเกียจไหม?
  • Anything to declare?: อะไรที่จะประกาศ?
  • As a matter of fact: ที่จริงแล้ว