Serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in the land of Chingus Khan


The Mongolian Flag

The Soyombo symbol (Mongolian: Соёмбо) is a special character in the Soyombo alphabet invented by Zanabazar in 1686. The name "Soyombo"... [more]

Flashes of the Altai
Mountain Bike Trip

Three childhood friends set out for the far western corner of Mongolia to combine mountain biking and packrafting in a self-supported adventure into the unknown... [more]

Just a glimpse
of Mongolia

Here is a video made by Anna Buchanan, a currently serving Peace Corps volunteer, with a glimpse into what her life has been like in November-December... [more]

Five Skills You Can Learn in Mongolia

Every culture is unique and Mongolia's isolation has helped it keep long traditions alive and well in the 21st century. Here are five skills you might be able... [more]

Some Mongolian Videos
by Lauren Knapp

by Lauren Knapp, an American videographer/photo journalist living in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. She was working on a video/photo project about music,... [more]

Wandering as a
Way of Life

People often look at me and seem puzzled by my 'wandering'. It's as if I have chosen a path they didn't know existed. They ask simple questions... [more]