Medical English for Doctors, Nurses & Dentists

Medical Terminology

Anatomy & Physiology

Patient Conversation


This website tries to bridge the gap between the medical knowledge doctors, nurses and dentists already have with the English they need to know better.

'Anatomy & Physiology' is a university level review where we have changed the grammar to help healthcare professionals bridge their knowledge gap. Study from the beginning or just specific chapters. It all helps master medical English.

'Medical Terminology' gives more details on medical vocabulary structures and usage.

'Patient Conversations' gives healthcare professionals real-world examples of how to use their medical English with patients.

Our Goal

To help doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who want to improve their medical English by using online textbooks, medical terminology lessons, and doctor-patient conversations.

Your Medical English Team

My name is Jim Damico and I will be your teacher here at To help guide me, I have asked many doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to give their advice on how best to help you reach your medical English goals.